Final Project Website

I just put together a website to feature all of the environmentally conscious individuals in Columbia that I interviewed and photographed for my final project. Check it out at Thanks!

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Randal Clark

On Thursday I joined Randal Clark on one of his Rock Bridge WIldflower Walks. People of all ages gathered to tour the blooming wildflowers at Rock Bridge State Park in Columbia, Mo. Randal Clark has been leading the walks for 34 years now and identifies and provides information about various wildflowers along the trails. Clark led the hike through the Shooting Star Trail on Thursday and described that when he first started doing the walks the now lush wooded forest was a field and was part of a homestead. Participants were able to see wild Columbine, Shooting Stars, and many other wildflowers including the Bastard Toadflax (what a great name)!

_DSC1223 _DSC1232 _DSC1235 _DSC1243 _DSC1245 _DSC1247 _DSC1258 _DSC1262 _DSC1272 _DSC1275 _DSC1301 _DSC1310 _DSC1326 _DSC1329 _DSC1332 _DSC1364 _DSC1366 _DSC1370 _DSC1373 _DSC1400 _DSC1409 _DSC1415 _DSC1417 _DSC1422 _DSC1424 _DSC1428 _DSC1440 _DSC1453 _DSC1459 _DSC1470 _DSC1488 _DSC1506

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Upcoming plans for Final Project

Unfortunately this weekend I was not able to go to the Earth Day festival because I had gotten into trouble with my apartment and had to bring my dog back to St. Louis. I have been researching some more things to take pictures of this week and plan to go to the Rock Bridge Wildflower Walk led by Randal Clark. He has been leading these walks for 34 years now, which I find pretty cool! He identifies and provides information on different types of wildflowers throughout the group’s walk. There is a similar event going on Saturday where a park naturalist will be leading a hike through Gans Creek Wild Area. I plan to get portraits of these two guides and gather audio. I also plan to get photographs from the walk and possibly see if the participants have a specific reason they go to the events and if they are involved in any environmental projects themselves. I have also contacted the Columbia Center for Urban Agriculture located on Smith Street. One goal of the CCUA is to demonstrate that urban farming is an economically viable profession. Another goal of the Urban Farm: to break down the mental disconnect that where we live should be geographically and intentionally distant from where our food is produced. I am currently doing more research and hope to have at least 5 more subjects for my project.

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David Dittmer Audio Slideshow

Check out David Dittmer’s Audio Slideshow at and learn more about the TreeKeepers in Columbia, MO.

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Barbara Buffaloe Audio Slideshow

Check out Barbara Buffaloe’s audio slideshow at and hear her talk about the 30 day biking challenge and see her commute from work to her children’s preschool

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Barbara Buffaloe Portrait and Audio Clip


Click Here to listen to audio:

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Tree Giveaway

Tree Day Giveaway Event at the farmer’s market in Columbia, Mo. on Saturday April 11, 2015. _DSC1061 _DSC1063 _DSC1065 _DSC1066 _DSC1069 _DSC1075 _DSC1076 _DSC1080

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Barbara Buffaloe

Barabara Buffaloe is the sustainability manager for the City of Columbia. Barbara is taking part in a 30-day biking challenge where she rides her bike everyday for the month of April. She has been commuting to work on her bike and even brings her children to and from preschool in a trailer behind the bike. Check out some of the picture below during her commute from work to the children’s preschool.

_DSC1106 _DSC1111 _DSC1106 _DSC1111 _DSC1117 _DSC1119 _DSC1121 _DSC1126 _DSC1139 _DSC1142 _DSC1145 _DSC1146 _DSC1150 _DSC1152 _DSC1155 _DSC1158 _DSC1160 _DSC1161 _DSC1162 _DSC1163 _DSC1167 _DSC1176 _DSC1179 _DSC1186 _DSC1190 _DSC1199 _DSC1202

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Abandoned Grain Elevator

I am working on a long term project of “abandoned” and recently went to an abandoned grain elevator outside of Rocheport, Mo. The elevator is the only remaining building of a town called Pearson Spur. The town was built in 1921 and closed in 1924. The grain elevator is alongside the Katy Trail and probably filled rail cars when in operation.

_DSC0768 _DSC0776 _DSC0785 _DSC0791 _DSC0799 _DSC0806 _DSC0829 _DSC0836 _DSC0843 _DSC0851 _DSC0858 _DSC0860 _DSC0861 _DSC0865 _DSC0867 _DSC0869 _DSC0870 _DSC0871 _DSC0879 _DSC0881 _DSC0885 _DSC0895 _DSC0916 _DSC0944 _DSC0947 _DSC0956

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Tree Wrap Event with the TreeKeepers

Today I went to the Tree Wrap event held by the TreeKeepers in Columbia, Mo. During this event, volunteers came to wrap more than 700 bare-root seedlings that will be given away at the Arbor Day Tree Giveaway at the ARC on Saturday, April 11, 2015 at 8 a.m. TreeKeeper volunteers participate in a course on tree identification, planting, pruning and other management topics and are then asked to volunteer on tree projects in Columbia’s city parks and along trails and right of way. I met and interviewed David Dittmer on April 10 and he provided me with more information about the TreeKeepers and his involvement in the organization. I will post an audio interview soon, but for now here are some images from the Tree Wrap Event.

_DSC0963 _DSC0969 _DSC0979 _DSC0982 _DSC0999 _DSC1007 _DSC1008 _DSC1015 _DSC1027 _DSC1046 _DSC1053 _DSC1055

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